About Us

Why I’m a stuff maker:

In 2012 I was gifted my first leathercraft kit, and we’ve been having quite the love affair since. I had been making decorative masks in clay for years, but now I could do wearable! People have responded so well, and it’s only going to get better! In Dec of 2012 a commercial for Lise Watier started circulating with the model wearing a mask I created for her and the project, this is super exciting and hopefully the start of something bigger and better.

and why? because in 2009 I suffered a serious spine injury, i can no longer work at my “real” job, I can no longer drive, I have cronic pain and problems with mobility. Working from home has allowed me to connect with fellow artists and creators, help out my family financially and keep my body safe. I’m so thankful I had this opportunity.